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Learn how to accelerate peak performance by eliminating mental stress & burnout and boosting energy & focus, based on 27 years of neuroscience research.

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What boosts success? What blocks it?

What are your top goals for this year? And what is your plan for reaching them?

What tools will you use to boost your success? And what do you think may slow down or even block your progress?

To achieve top work performance, you and I need two things: energy and focus. Together, these factors enhance decision-making and accelerate productivity.

Energy and focus act as gas pedals that drive us toward personal and professional success.

Stress and burnout, on the other hand, act as brakes that decelerate our forward motion toward professional and personal goals. In fact, the more severe the stress, the harder it is to move forward at all.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Understanding our gas and brake pedals is key to staying on the road to success.

As a PhD-trained neuroscientist and stress researcher, I have almost three decades of experience helping others deal with stress and burnout.

As an executive coach and trainer, I've combined my knowledge of neuroscience and psychology with organizational and leadership research to create a comprehensive framework: Well in Work.

Pamela Coburn-Litvak has both great expertise and an ability to help others create change."

-Debra H., former CEO & COO

I loved how Pam picked up on my goals right away. Stress is a tricky thing to cope with and it’s multifaceted, as life can get complicated. I look forward to our sessions and walk away with new tools each time.”

-Renee V., Education Specialist

"Well in Work" Framework

The Well in Work framework uses proven principles from brain science to remove barriers, reduce mental distress and burnout, and build a mindset for extraordinary success. 

Well in Work Pyramid all levels

This framework has 3 levels: Performance, People & Processes, and Perspective.

Leve1 1: Performance

Without a foundation of wellbeing, all other efforts we make toward success won’t get very far because we will lack the physical and mental stamina to do them.

So, at the first level, clients will learn:

  •  The energy, priority, and time management approaches used by the most successful executives and entrepreneurs;
  • Getting top work priorities done without sacrificing leisure time and personal relationships;
  • The simple planning strategy that adds up to 2 hours of productive time to every work day; and
  • Secrets to sticking to healthy habits despite hectic schedules.

Level 2: People & Processes

Much of job stress boils down to poor relationships (e.g., poor communication, conflict), inefficient work processes, or both.

This framework helps clients improve relationships by discussing topics like:

  • How to have healthy conversations in high-stress environments;
  • Resolving conflict and building trust and psychological safety;
  • Eliminating burnout and compassion fatigue;
  • Giving and receiving professional feedback;
  • Building change agility in people and organizations; and
  • Strengthening professional relationships to widen one’s sphere of influence and gain support for key initiatives.

On the “process” side, clients can discuss issues like:

  • Creating a leadership dashboard to stay laser-focused on professional goals;
  • Streamlining workplace inefficiencies to reach goals faster;
  • Engaging and mobilizing employees for maximum productivity; and
  • Creating a high-performance culture.

Level 3: Perspective

With 27 years’ experience studying the neuroscience of stress, clients come to me for evidence-based solutions that make an immediate difference in feelings of mental distress, burnout, and anxiety.

I help them:

  • learn to challenge the limiting beliefs that impair performance and professional success; and
  • replace these with healthy thinking habits that help them grow in grit and resilience.

This Program is Right for You if:

  • You are suffering from stress and burnout right now that is decelerating your professional success;  
  • You're not sure what's causing stress at your workplace, but you suspect things like work overload, poor relationships (e.g., difficult communication or conflict), lack of control, lack of acknowledgement or rewards at work, issues with fairness, or a values mismatch
  • You want to accelerate your professional success with research-based strategies to boost performance; and/or
  • You want to create a high-performance culture by preventing burnout and promoting well-being for yourself and your employees

What Clients say about working with Pam:

Pam's presentation was very good, data rich, and quite practical with several evidence-based suggestions for things we could each do to improve burnout. She also presented categories of things institutions can do to help alleviate this, too, and my physician recruitment and retention specialist is building a retention program based off these suggestions.

Nich C., Physician Director

Building a business has certainly been a rollercoaster, and this year won't be a walk in the park either. Not only was Pam's session chock-full of industry insights, but it also gave me a chance to take a pulse of my own stress levels and what's causing the stress, and an action plan to manage stress and get re-energized. 

Marriot W., Business owner

Recently I was promoted to a position that will have a positive national impact for internal and external stakeholders. I can say with 100% certainty that Pam was one of the biggest contributors to my new-found success. She encouraged me to think differently, allowed me a safe place to process ideas/concerns, and provided me with resources to aid me in developing my staff.

Jason B., Director

I can enthusiastically recommend Pam to create a program that works for your goals and that delivers on the promise of actionable takeaways. Plus, you will just like her.

Angela S., Accounts Manager

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Products & Services

Mix and match these options for a customized solution that fits your needs:

One-on-One Coaching

  • Virtual or in-person sessions (usually bi-weekly for 6-12 months)
  • Personality assessment (e.g., Hogan)
  • Initial assessment of stress & burnout levels and areas of work-life stress
  • Resource library of 50+ downloadable workbooks, worksheets & videos


  • Training sessions, workshops, retreats, etc.
  • In-person or virtual
  • Synchronous & asynchronous options
  • Combine with coaching to reinforce & apply the learning!

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Organization Coaching

  • Coaching for leaders to combat burnout & build a high-performance culture
  • Team assessments: personalities, team function, stress & burnout levels and areas of work-life stress
  • Team coaching to boost trust, engagement & productivity
  • Resource library (with leadership & team materials)

Membership Site

Currently in development. Will include:

  • Online training
  • Resource library
  • Community threads 
  • Monthly live sessions

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