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The TOP 8 sources of Job Stress

What's stressing you out right now? Chances are you are not alone. Learn the top 8 sources of job stress, based on research studies done on thousands of U.S. workers and companies.

The Professional & Personal Impact of Job Stress

Job stress can have a powerful impact on both our careers and personal lives. Find out how.

The 3-Step Formula to Manage Stress & Overwhelm

This report will introduce you to a stress management model that has been developed by stress researchers and experts for over twenty years.

3 Powerful Stress Management Strategies 

Learn three powerful strategies you can apply to any situation to reduce your anxiety and boost productivity.

What others are saying about working with Pam:

Refreshing and Needed

The careful and informative manner in which Dr. Litvak handles the topic of mental health is refreshing and very needed today.

Gabe Gutierrez  //  Pastor

Balanced, Encouraging

Thank you, Pam, for such a balanced, encouraging presentation. I'm so motivated to transform my stressors into resilient behaviors.

Judy Logan  //  Retired

Paradigm Shift

Pam's program has caused a paradigm shift in my understanding of stress, stressors and how to overcome stress.

Isaac Kubrovuno  //  Business Owner

Are you managing your stress, or is it managing you?

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