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Hi, I'm Pam Coburn-Litvak.

I use my 25 years of experience in stress research and mental health to help executives and leaders reduce their stress and boost productivity.

Cream of the Crop

"Pam Coburn-Litvak’s program is the cream of the crop. It is the finest, scientifically well researched and logically presented program I have ever encountered."

Isaac Kubrovuno

(Business Owner)


Wealth of Knowledge

"Pam Coburn-Litvak brings practical insights into stress management from a wealth of knowledge regarding brain function."

Normal Moll

(Retired Manager, Dow Chemical)


Science & Practical Advice

"Pam Coburn-Litvak brings together science, experience and practical advice to help individuals understand stress and how to manage it."

Duane Covrig



How I got into Executive Coaching & Advising

To get my PhD in neuroscience, I studied the effects of stress on mental health. I learned that the stress we face in life often leaves us vulnerable to stress-related problems like anxiety and depression. Stress also increases our risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke. 

At first, my research and teaching were limited to the university classroom. I taught courses in mental health and published my research in scientific journals like Neuroscience and Neurobiology of Learning and Behavior.

Later, I started teaching the principles of stress management and resilience to a broader audience. In addition to producing and conducting public seminars, I wrote a book on stress, depression, and anxiety called Leaving the Shadowland.

And I realized something important.

A lot of our stress happens at work. Workplace stress statistics are pretty grim: over 80% of U.S. workers report having significant workplace stress, and U.S. companies spend $300 billion each year on issues like low productivity and absenteeism. This doesn't even include the $200 billion we spend each year on stress-related healthcare costs.

So, now I help executives and organizations reduce their stress load in terms of overwhelm, disorganization, and personnel issues like conflict and team building. I am a certified executive coach through the Center for Executive Coaching, with specialty certification for healthcare leaders. I hold the Associate Certified Coach credential through the International Coaching Federation.

Please contact me if you are interested in one-on-one or group coaching as well as training events. I'd love to hear from you!

Benefits of Working with Me

25 years of experience in mental health

I am not a psychiatrist or therapist. But I do have extensive knowledge in mental health areas like stress & overwhelm management, time management, and simple techniques to reduce symptoms of depression & anxiety and boost resilience. 


I offer either one-on-one or group coaching. As a former university professor, I also still love getting in front of a classroom, so I'd love to do your training event or facilitate your team or company retreat.  


I currently hold the ACC (Association Certified Coach) credential the International Coaching Federation. In addition to coaching executives and business leaders, I am also a certified healthcare leadership coach through the Center for Executive Coaching


In addition to individual and group programs, I also offer online training options. Some of these are FREE resources; others are available for paying clients. 

Let's talk.

If you are interested in one-on-one or group coaching or training events, please get in touch.