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Feel free to download as many resources as you'd like. Many are "sample" versions of full toolkits that I sell in my online store. 

Burnout Toolkit 

Based on 25+ years of stress research, this toolkit provides practical guidance for individuals and organizations to prevent burnout and promote wellbeing. 

Time Study Worksheets 

These worksheets will guide you through an in-depth analysis of how you spend your time. This is a crucial first step in setting goals for time & priorities management. 

Stress Management Toolkit 

 In addition to stress management strategies, the full toolkit includes a crisis management plan and leadership topics like employee engagement. 

(White Paper) Top Sources of Job Stress 

This white paper lists the top 6 sources of workplace stress. It describes the personal and professional impact of workplace stress (including the intergenerational effects on boomers to gen zers) and then gives research-based strategies to mitigate that impact.

Compassion Fatigue Toolkit

Caregivers are at risk for compassion fatigue, also called "the cost of caring." Implement research-based guidance with this toolkit. 

One-Pager Tools & Reference Guides

Need something even faster? Download the one-pagers below. 

Stress & Burnout Management

Ask These Questions for Instant Stress Relief

Drivers of  Burnout & How to Address Them 

Use your values as a lens

Use Your Values as a Life Lens 

How to Cope With Compassion Fatigue 

Seven Steps to Controlling Email 

Grit and Resilience

Growing Gratitude and Grit 

How to Use Gratitude During Crisis 

Ikigai Exercise (Explore Your Purpose) 

3 Steps to Managing Anxiety 


Time Management: Replace "Time Sucker" Thoughts with "Time Saver" Thoughts

Top Mood-Boosting Nutrients

10 Tips for Managing Your Calendar

Healthy Sleep Do's and Don'ts (Infographic) 

Communication, Conflict Resolution

How to Restore Balance in Conflict

5 Ways to Dial Down Anger 

4 Steps to Anger Management

Openess-Defensiveness Scale (Infographic)

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Gratitude and Grit

Videos and FREE Training

I transitioned into executive coaching after two decades as a neuroscientist and stress researcher. So, my video collection is an eclectic mix of both careers - I focus on leadership development, employee engagement, stress and burnout strategies, and mind hacks to cope with symptoms of anxiety and depression.

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