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Feel free to download as many resources as you'd like. Many are "sample" versions of full toolkits that I sell in my Etsy store: WellMindSolutions

Burnout Toolkit 

Based on 25+ years of stress research, this toolkit provides practical guidance for individuals and organizations to prevent burnout and promote wellbeing. 

Time Study Worksheets 

These worksheets will guide you through an in-depth analysis of how you spend your time. This is a crucial first step in setting goals for time & priorities management. 

Stress Management Toolkit 

 In addition to stress management strategies, the full toolkit includes a crisis management plan and leadership topics like employee engagement. 

(White Paper) Top Sources of Job Stress 

This white paper lists the top 6 sources of workplace stress. It describes the personal and professional impact of workplace stress (including the intergenerational effects on boomers to gen zers) and then gives research-based strategies to mitigate that impact.

Compassion Fatigue Toolkit

Caregivers are at risk for compassion fatigue, also called "the cost of caring." Implement research-based guidance with this toolkit. 

One-Pager Tools & Reference Guides

Need something even faster? Download the one-pagers below. 

Stress & Burnout Management

Signs of Burnout

Signs of Burnout

Toxic Positivity Vs. a Healthier Alternative

Thriving at Work

Breaking the Stress-Procrastination Cycle

Grit and Resilience

10 Positive Emotions & What They Do For Us

Managing Emotions: What Works? What Doesn't? 

3 Steps to Managing Anxiety 

Failing Forward

Growing Gratitude and Grit 

Self-Care & Time Management

How Leaders can help with Work Overload 

Productivity Pyramid for Leaders

Do's & Don'ts of Quality Sleep

Top Mood-Boosting Nutrients

10 Tips for Managing Your Calendar

Communication, Conflict Resolution

Best Practices in Giving Feedback

To Diffuse Conflict, Choose Right Communication Style

Getting Feedback: Open-Defensiveness Scale

How to Restore Balance in Conflict

5 Ways to Dial Down Anger 

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Videos and FREE Training

I transitioned into executive coaching after two decades as a neuroscientist and stress researcher. So, my video collection is an eclectic mix of both careers - I focus on leadership development, employee engagement, stress and burnout strategies, and mind hacks to cope with symptoms of anxiety and depression.

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