Are you managing your workplace stress, or is it managing you?

Overwhelmed at work? Do you know what it's costing you?

According to the American Institute of Stress:


is spent every year for low productivity/absenteeism 


is spent every year to pay for stress-related healthcare costs 


are struggling with workplace stress and overwhelm


say work stress strains their personal relationships 


have trouble sleeping due to work stress & overwhelm


are ready to quit their jobs due to workplace stress

helping companies succeed

What issues are you facing right now?

Executives and leaders face a number of challenges. Do any of these apply to you?

  • I have too many priorities and feel overwhelmed.
  • I don't manage my time; my time manages me.
  • I don't know how to deal with workplace conflict
  • I have a habit/behavior that is hurting my career.
  • I need to lead more effectively.
  • I want to communicate with power and impact.
  • I need help with public speaking.
  • Our team members don't get along
  • Our team members are not engaged.
  • Our team/company is resisting change.
  • Our company needs a new strategy.
  • Our company needs a shift in culture
  • Our company needs to execute more effectively.
  • Our company needs a succession plan.

What Clients are saying about Litvak Executive Solutions:


Best in 30 years

Pamela is a highly skilled speaker, certified executive coach and neuroscientist who used her combined talents to deliver one of the best group training sessions offered in the 30-year history of our leadership program.The session was focused on issues related to managing burnout and the great resignation, which were both timely and relevant for the diverse group of business, public and nonprofit leaders in our program. Pamela was extremely organized and easy to work with, and customized the training to perfectly fit our needs. I would not hesitate to recommend her to others and work with her again!

Erica - Executive Director

Practical and Evidence-based

Pam's presentation was very good, data rich, and quite practical with several evidence-based suggestions for things we could each do to improve burnout. She also presented categories of things institutions can do to help alleviate this, too, and my physician recruitment and retention specialist is building a retention program based off these suggestions. I definitely would feel comfortable recommending Pam to other organizations who are dealing with over work and burnout.

Nich - Physician Director


Pam facilitated a fantastic Stress Management session for Chegg’s geographically distributed employees. Ensuring all our employees were engaged and felt comfortable sharing their experiences via zoom wasn’t easy, but Pamela and her co-presenter Kate handled it with aplomb. The combination of providing a forum for our employees to discuss their challenges during COVID, sharing some theory, and then outlining Stress Management strategies was a winning formula. We have received so much positive feedback about the session and we are eager for Pam and Kate to come back – they left our employees wanting more!

Pam was a joy to work with. Responsive, flexible, and willing to work with us to tailor the Stress Management session to the specific needs of our employees. Chegg was extremely grateful, and it made for a more compelling session, that these experts were able to adapt their delivery so that the session felt totally customized for us. We look forward to a continued, long-term partnership with Pam.

Emma - Communications Director


I have had the privilege to work with Pam in our collaborative efforts to address burn out and wellbeing in the health care environment. Pam is an outstanding collaborator, educator and program developer. She has world-class knowledge and understanding of the impact of stress on health care professionals. She is highly skilled at translating this knowledge into well-crafted, engaging presentations.

Kevin - Physician


Pam draws from a deep background of stress research to create engaging and informative workshops for business leaders. The Fresno Chaffee Zoo appreciated her presentation on compassion fatigue so much that we asked for an encore presentation at the annual Association of Zoos and Aquariums Conference. Pam works extensively with her clients to customize every workshop or presentation to fit their needs.

Laura - Chief People Officer


18 months into the pandemic, our team was feeling the heat. We invited Pamela to a one hour company meeting and gave her the tall order of communicating clear, actionable ways the team could prioritize activity to help reduce stress. Having the entire company hear this advice as the same time led to an almost immediate change in our expectations of each other- no more instant demands for attention and time!
Pamela did an excellent job of keeping our attention and soliciting real time involvement (I was nervous it would seem like a lecture, and that was not the case at all.). I can enthusiastically recommend Pamela to create a create a program that works for your goals, in your parameters and that delivers on the promise of actionable takeaways. Plus you will just like her. :)

Angela - Accounts Manager


During the past year, there have been many changes to navigate through personally and professionally. The webinar provided practical points that I can incorporate now to handle the daily stresses. Something as simple as taking time to go outside for a walk and make sure to include self-care time were tips that I have already implemented and they have made a difference in my stress level. Pam was very knowledgeable on the subject and I really enjoyed the take home materials they provided, which I can reference at any time in the future.

Hayley - Business Owner


Building a business has certainly been a rollercoaster, and this year won't be a walk in the park either. Attending the Rebound webinar made me feel that I'm not alone. Not only was it chock-full of industry insights, but it also gave me (and others on the call) a chance to take a pulse of our own stress levels and what's causing us stress, and an action plan to manage stress and get re-energized. Great session!

Marriot - Business Owner


This was one of the most informative webinars I’ve attended in a long time! I came away with important new insights and ways to combat burnout. It was also a great reminder that some things I know I ought to be doing for self-care have fallen by the wayside during covid. I’m excited to share my learnings with my clients and also work on filling up my tank!

Jennifer - Business Owner


Pam Coburn-Litvak explains the neuroscience and frames the challenges we face in ways that show effective strategies for improving performance and improving our moods and emotions.

Duane - Professor


Dr. Litvak is a uniquely talented communicator with an exceptional ability to present deep scientific information in the language of the lay man.

Isaac - Business Owner


You were such a pleasure to work with. We've already started hearing really positive things from the survey results. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and understanding, especially with such a timely topic. I am so grateful to you for engaging our group in a new and interesting way.

Meredith - Assistant Director


Pam designed and delivered an excellent webinar, Burnout and the Great Resignation. She combined research and practical steps in her presentation. She inserted probing questions and polls to engage the attendees. Participants left with tons of tools. One of the best webinars I've attended in ages.

Sharon - Consultant Broker


Superb program! Most enlightening. Thoroughly researched and meticulously documented material with exceptional presentation skills. First tier. Dr. Pamela Coburn-Litvak delivers.

Susan - Business Owner


Pamela Coburn-Litvak has both great expertise and an ability to help others create change. I recently attended her webinar on Burnout and the Great Resignation. Her research on that important topic is thorough and deep. She understands the dynamics in society and in the workplace that have led us to this crisis. More importantly, she offers real solutions to managers and leaders who have the courage and will to tackle the problem and to develop better workplaces. I strongly recommend Pam as a speaker who will both inspire you and also help you move to action.

Debra - Former CEO & COO

Thank you, Pam. I'm so motivated to transform my stressors into resilient behaviors.


I would like to thank you in a very special way for taking time out from your busy schedule to give such a wonderful weekend stress seminar.

Opal - Nurse

Impacting Lives

I would like to thank you for speaking at our meeting. You were very informative and interesting. In particular, the applicability of your talk - e.g., your focus on stress, the significance of mental control, developing personal coping strategies, etc. - were immeasurable. I thank you for devoting your professional life to well-being. Creating our own healthy futures through lifestyle, mental awareness, ad related behaviors will benefit each of us, those we love, and by extension society as a whole. You impact countless lives.

Rod - Director of Development

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